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I invite you to aid my team in educating others about the history and importance of eyewear through our exhibition!

As a student in fashion merchandising, creating an exhibition that displays an accessory such as eyewear and showing how it has developed through the ages is near and dear to my heart. Glasses are an item that so many people have to wear, so why not use the opportunity to express personal style through the accessory? On top of being fashionable, eyewear is also essential in a medical perspective and improves the lives of many in our society by aiding their vision. Through this exhibition, we can help to convey the story of eyewear and how it has become a fashion statement as well as a medical tool that improves individuals' quality of life. 

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As a group, we aim to raise $3,000 in order to create an exhibition that will raise awareness on the history and importance of eyewear. This will be done by focusing on four main perspectives: 

  • Medical 
  • Science and Art
  • Fashion 

Our Purpose

The existing research in this area of study is currently lacking in an interdisciplinary approach, as it focuses mainly on aesthetics. We realize however, that eyewear is multi-faceted in nature, as it has the ability to improve one's health and well-being, it may be created using a variety of materials and structural shapes, as well as convey status and identity. Through the consideration of these key themes, we hope to provide our audience with a holistic understanding on the subject of eyewear. 

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We invite you to join us on our journey to create our exhibition, and stay involved and up-to-date via our Facebook and Instagram pages. 

Below is a budget if we raised $3,000:

The breakdown would be as such:

GALLERY SIGNAGE, DESIGN (including props)

(4) Black and white paper banners


(4) Rods for the 4 blk/white paper banners


(4) Small color paper banners


(1) Large backdrop color banner


(1) rod for large color banner


(18) Eye screws (dowel ends for all banners)


(4) Purchase of high resolution image and copyright permission from museums of image for reproduction in exhibition and web site


(2) cans of low emission paint


Paint supply


(10) Clear acrylic risers (various sizes and shapes)






(1) Purchase of one pair of eyeglasses for display not represented in the Clothing and Textiles Collection






(4) Outdoor vinyl banners




(6) White pairs of nylons for buffer on mannequins (upper body)


(6) Any color pairs of nylons for buffer on mannequins (lower body)


(6) Packs of polyester batting to create a body shape and size appropriate to the garment on exhibition


(2) Rolls of double-stick tape for hair


(2) White spray paint can for mannequin touch-ups


(1) Realm of 11x17” cardstock paper for mannequin hair






Food for opening reception







Your eyewear team:

October 13 Floor Plan 

  Published on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2016 at 11:57 PM (MDT)

It's starting to shape up!

First Student Update! 

  Published on Sunday, Sep. 25, 2016 at 06:39 PM (MDT)

The Week in Review: Learning How to do History with Objects 

  Published on Saturday, Sep. 24, 2016 at 10:36 PM (MDT)

Dear champions of "Eyewear: Fashion with Vision,"

A week has passed since we launched our campaign and we want to thank all our early bird supporters. As the instructor, I'm reporting on the comings and goings as I took a lot of pictures of students at work. They began preparing for the exhibition by handing in their annotated bibliographies, which aimed to divide and concur the literature on selected facets of the subject. The rest of the week was spent looking at and discussing early nineteenth-century fashion and the strengths and limitations of artifacts like clothing and textiles but also of other types of primary and secondary sources. 

This aims to help them in their research papers where each student picked a garment that spoke to them. These may or may not end up in the exhibition but the process is there to learn how to do history with objects.

Cybil is looking at a ca. 1970 dress and hot pants sequined ensemble.

Katie selected a 1960s  André Courrèges coat.

Danielle decided to go Edwardian with a teal silk bodice and skirt ensemble.

Katelin who has a Bohemian streak chose a 1920s embroidered dress.

Donnalee who has a fondness for plaid went for a 1950s jacket and skirt (which even has a picture of the donor wearing it at the time it was made).

Naomi went the furthest back with an embroidered 1850s Victorian dress.

Stay tuned for developments!

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Make an Impact

Mounting Supplies

Give $15

A gift of this amount is enough to buy nylons, cotton stockinette and polyester batting to pad a mannequin the size of a garment, as well as card stock and tape for paper hair - all essential for mounting historical garments!

Black & White Printed Banner and Rods

Give $20

A gift of this amount allows us to print a banner and attach it to two rods for the exhibit text display (we need four of these banners)

Foam Core for Exhibit Labels

Give $25

A gift of this amount can go towards the purchase of foam core for mounting our printed labels!

Can of Low-Emission Paint

Give $50

A gift of this amount allows us to buy the paint necessary for repainting the gallery space for our exhibit. Low emission paint is necessary because it protects the artifacts from the harmful emissions of regular paint.

Exhibit Opening Catering

Give $100

A gift of this amount allows us to buy food and beverages for the exhibit opening. Come celebrate with us!

Image (Purchase, Copyright Use, Printing)

Give $200

A gift of this amount can go towards the purchase of visuals in high resolution from other museum collections, the rights to use them in our exhibition and the production of a color banner featuring the image. Visuals are what make an exhibit great!

Plexiglass Supports for Artifact Display

Give $300

A gift of this amount allows the purchase of plexiglass supports for the display of artifacts - ideal for the safe display of fragile objects.

Large Color Banner

Give $320

A gift of this amount would allow us to reproduce a visual on a large color banner the size of our small wall - those types of banners make a giant impact!

Missing Artifact Purchase

Give $850

A gift of this amount allows us to purchase frames or important items that may be missing in the collection, allowing a greater degree of flexibility in our exhibit design process.